International lighting design practice Nulty has developed ‘The Dark Art of Light’, a virtual masterclass series that outlines the fundamental principles of lighting design when approaching a residential project.

Designed to provide inspiration and guidance for the interior design community, Nulty’s new online presentations cover the art of illuminating a kitchen, living room, bathroom, bedroom and garden. Each of the five-minute tutorials breaks down the creative process to reveal the layers and hierarchy of lighting design that are intrinsic to a well-balanced scheme. By providing designers with a blueprint for each space within the home, the team demonstrate how task, accent, ambient and feature lighting techniques can be used to bring character and depth to a room. In doing so, Nulty aims to endow interior designers with the key techniques required to illuminate a residential project with confidence and skill.

Paul Nulty, Founder, Nulty comments; “When applied with precision, light has the power to completely change how we physically and emotionally connect to a scheme. It can make all the difference when picking out the texture of a material, highlighting a beautiful piece of artwork, or simply evoking a certain mood. Our role as lighting designers is to weigh up the functional, decorative and emotive requirements of a space and then build a multifaceted design narrative to bring that room to life. By deconstructing lighting design through easy-to-digest tutorials that a designer can watch in just under five minutes, we hope to demystify the process and share some of the essential tips that can make or break a scheme.”

The Dark Art of Light videos are available to view on Nulty’s YouTube channel at

Designers can also browse the studio’s portfolio of residential design projects at

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