NAPIT have announced the release of a brand new publication: Initial Verification and Periodic Inspection and Testing of Electrical Installations.

The guide has been developed by NAPIT’s technical experts to cover everything you need to carry out initial verification and periodic inspection, including the tests and production of the relevant certificates or report.

The book explains the variety of different test equipment available, what each is used for, and how to carry out all of the required BS 7671 tests.

The contents include:


  • Legal requirements
  • BS 7671 requirements
  • Identification of installation components
  • Protective Earthing
  • Safe isolation
  • Test instruments
  • Thermal evaluation equipment
  • Standard tests
  • Initial verification
  • Periodic inspection


NAPIT’s Chief Technical Officer, Frank Bertie said “We are the National Association for Professional Inspectors and Testers in the UK, with inspection and testing of electrical installations at our core since 1992. We have used our wealth of experience and knowledge in this specialist and notoriously difficult area to produce a publication specific to Inspectors and Testers’ needs.”

NAPIT members can pre-order a copy for just £17.99* and non-members £19.99*. Get 20% off with code: XMAS20 at the checkout before 12pm on Thursday 24th December.

Pre-order your copy today via

*After 12 noon on 24th December pre-order price will be £14.99 for members and £16.99 for non-members. All fees stated above exclude any necessary delivery fees. Pre-order price is for a limited time only and is only available to pre-order as a print version of the publication. Digital e-book and bundles will be available for release in general sale due February 2021.

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