NAPIT Chief Executive, Mike Andrews, responds to the British Energy Security Strategy welcoming the Government’s plan to accelerate energy independence, yet cautious about the Government’s lack of focus on short-term quick measures to improve energy efficiency and reduce household bills.

The Government has published its plan to accelerate homegrown energy production in response to rising global energy prices caused by a surge in demand after the Covid pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine. The plan could see 95 percent of our electricity being low carbon by 2030.

The strategy promises increased investment in nuclear power and offshore wind as well as a doubling of the Government’s hydrogen targets. Additionally, there will be an increased focus on solar power. Further to the Government’s announcement of a removal of VAT on installations of solar panels in Great British homes, the Government now plans to look into the possibility of low-cost finance from lenders to drive solar power. As well as, new design performance standards to make installation of renewables the presumption in new homes and buildings.

Additional measures will be taken to connect network infrastructure to support the new supply of clean and affordable domestic electricity. This will include a newly appointed Electricity Networks Commissioner and a strategic framework to be produced with Ofgem to explain how networks will aim to deliver net zero.

Commenting on the Strategy, NAPIT Chief Executive, Mike Andrews said: ‘In light of recent global developments, we welcome the Government’s move to reducing dependence on volatile international oil and gas through the publication of this British Energy Security Strategy. Whilst many of the ambitions will have a positive impact in securing the countries energy supply, there remains a lack of focus on insulating British homes, which is a particularly imperative step in the path to decarbonising homes and reducing households’ bills. We will continue to support installers working in this sector through the provision of training and certification and hope that the Government remains committed to meeting the agreed net zero targets going forward.’

Read the strategy in full here.



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