On the night of Monday 6th July, the UK lighting industry came together by lighting buildings, monuments and landmarks across the country in ‘Emergency red’ to draw the government’s attention to the critical condition of the live events and entertainment industry, which has been hit hard by the COVID-19 crisis.

Mushroom Lighting, specialists in event lighting, showed their support by lighting up the Holcot Village Community Hall in red. The building, at the heart of Holcot, hosts weddings, parties, pantomimes, bands, meetings and is home to the youth club as well as local yoga, tango and keep fit classes.

Paul Butler, Managing Director at Mushroom Lighting commented, “Lighting up the village hall which is the centre of our small community was as symbolic to Holcot as lighting the Royal Albert Hall was to the nation.”

He continued, “We used 4 off 18 x15 watt RGBACWUv battens to create the 4 red flares up the end wall, plus 20 50watt RGB generic IP65 floods, and a Teclumen 60watt !P65 Gobo projector for the #lightitinred Logo, supplied by Projected image.”

All lighting is from the Mushroom Lighting little.lighting rental stock.

#LightItInRed was produced and managed by Clearsound Productions Ltd in partnership with the Backstage Theatre Jobs forum.

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