Mullan Lighting, a lighting design and manufacturing company based in Ireland, is excited to officially launch their new brand – Mullan Ceramics – on Instagram Live on June 17 at 7pm.

Mullan Ceramics is a new, handcrafted ceramic design studio that helps sustain the centuries-old tradition of Mullan as a village of makers. All of the products from Mullan Ceramics are sustainable by their very nature and are inspired by the heritage and colours of the charming Irish village of Mullan.

Mullan Ceramic’s in-house ceramicist, Stephen, will be a key participant during the live event and will showcase his pottery skills with a live product demonstration. Stephen describes the ceramic collection as “tactile and unique with a visually attractive texture“. He adds that “it’s difficult to walk pass a piece without wanting to hold it“.

During the Instagram Live event, Director of Design and Operations, Mike Treanor, will share his thoughts on how and why he created the new Mullan Ceramics brand and how it’s progressing since soft-launching at the very end of 2020.

A bit of luck is how Mike describes the founding of Mullan Ceramics, “We were lucky to have the space become available and fortunate to have an exceptional talent locally in our ceramicist. Stephen came on board very early on and has helped bring Mullan Ceramics to life“.

Mike also sees the potential of the new brand to create more jobs in the future,”The potential for further job creation with the introduction of Mullan Ceramics in exciting. Along with Mullan Ceramics and the expansion of our manufacturing facility here in Mullan Village, we’ve already taken on quite a few people in recent months and plan to hire more throughout the year as the company grows“.

On June 17, design team leader and award-winning ceramicist Wendy Ward will also feature. She’ll describe the inspiration behind the ceramic designs and introduce viewers to some of the key pieces from the ceramic lighting collection.

Speaking ahead of the launch, Wendy shares how the historic village of Mullan has influenced the design of the ceramic collection, “Our products are inspired by the heritage and colours of Mullan Village, looking specifically at textures and colours in the mature trees and quaint stone buildings of our surrounding environment“.

A guest panel will discuss how ceramic lighting can be incorporated into modern day interiors while questions from the audience are encouraged and welcome during the event.

The guest panel is comprised of three of the most well-known Irish Instagrammers; interior design architect Susan McGowan (@ashenandcloud), Victorian home restorer and interior enthusiast Darran Heaney (@oldvictoriannew) and fashion buyer and lifestyle blogger Laura Magee (@deco.dwelling).

You can watch the live event on Mullan Lighting’s Instagram page (@mullanlighting) on June 17 at 7pm.

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