The M621 around Leeds is one of the busiest stretches of motorway in the North of the country and anything that can be done to enhance and improve driver safety is obviously a valuable investment. For some time, Highways England had been aware that the old, sodium based lamps lighting between Junctions 5 to 7 could be improved so approached ASD Lighting in September 2021 about upgrading the luminaires. The proposal was to change to more efficient LED luminaires. Not only would this provide far higher quality lighting but the use of LEDs would also deliver significant energy savings, reduce maintenance costs and improve operative’s safety, as they would not be having to go out in really bad weather to fix outages.

Ian Skirrow, Purchasing Manager, ASD Lighting, explains more; “This stretch of motorway measures approximately 2 miles and had been illuminated with 171, 250W and 400W SON lanterns. These have now been replaced with a combination of our Highway Diamond Elite luminaire; 101 x Maxi models and 70 of the slightly smaller Midi models. All the units were manufactured at our factory and then installed, with minimum disruption to road users.” In addition, ASD ensured that each of the 171 lanterns were supplied with lanyards, as requested by the client. This was to ensure improved safety as in the past competitor lanterns have failed and dropped on to the motorway.

The smaller, Midi Diamond Elite luminaries are fitted with TRIDONIC LCO 200/200-1050/355 O4A NFC EXC3 drivers, whilst each of the larger Maxi models houses two TRIDONIC LCO 135W 200–1050mA 220V one4all NFC drivers. These are dimmable from 5 – 100 percent, have in built over voltage protection and deliver significant energy saving due to low stand-by losses and high efficiency. “The reliability and performance of the Tridonic drivers is key to us being able to offer Highways England a 5-year guarantee or 100,000 hours lighting time on these new luminaires;” commented Skirrow. Although as the project was only completed in October 2021 it is too early for any comparison data to be available. Like all ASD’s outdoor luminaires, those fitted above the motorway meet the latest IP 66/1K10 standards.

September 2023 issue

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