Architectural lighting manufacturer, Lucent Lighting, has announced an exciting collaboration with innovative architectural and design consultancy, Monarca. Working in partnership throughout the Middle East, Lucent and Monarca are set to revolutionise the industry with innovative lighting concepts to create breath-taking interiors that range in style and character.  Established by industry expert, Skander Dardour, Monarca will take advantage of Skander’s wealth of expertise in construction and high-end lighting to enhance luxury interiors for contemporary homes, futuristic hotels, extraordinary landscaping and luxury retail stores.

Partnering with some of the most premium brands in the field of furniture, art and lighting – Monarca’s new collaboration with Lucent will deliver exceptional architectural lighting for some of the Middle East’s most prestigious architectural and interior design projects reaffirming Monarca’s clear ambition to provide exquisite creations for its clients.

The long-standing and world-renowned reputation of Lucent, combined with the ambition and design passion of Monarca, is an exciting pairing that will undoubtedly deliver spectacular outcomes across the Middle East.

Skander Dardour, Founder and CEO of Monarca and Lucent Middle East Agent: “I have long been an admirer of Lucent’s products and I am honoured to represent them in the Middle East. High quality lighting is integral to the success of every interior and architectural design project and Lucent’s superior lighting more than delivers for our clients.” Michael Dunk, Owner and CEO of Lucent: “It is a real privilege to work alongside Skander Dardour; his wealth of industry knowledge and attention to detail have resulted in the creation of world-class design projects that are much admired by the industry. We are delighted to partner with Monarca and very much look forward to seeing how our products are incorporated into some of the Middle East’s most luxurious design projects.”

November 2023 issue

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