#LightTheSky for heroes fighting COVID-19

On Sunday, March 22nd, in an act of solidarity with all the heroes fighting the COVID-19 global pandemic, AV rental companies across the Benelux region, including on Curaçao in the Dutch Antilles, lit up the nighttime sky in an initiative called #LightTheSky.

Countless companies, venues and individuals took part Sunday evening from 20:00 to 20:30 by either pointing light beams skyward or illuminating architecture such as hospitals and parks. Reaction to the initiative was overwhelmingly positive as the events industry showed its support for all the medical staff and other front line service workers fighting to keep us all safe. As an industry hit especially hard by the pandemic, the outpouring of support by lighting companies was especially poignant.

A broad range of lighting manufacturers were represented with Dutch rental company MM Licht & Geluid proudly taking part in the action by filling the sky southwest of Rotterdam using Elation Platinum HFX™ luminaires and other lights. “We participated by sending bright beams of light all over our region and lighting up our location – with minimal staff of course,” said Maarten Alleman of MM Licht & Geluid. “The idea was to do something which people could enjoy from home. As a lot of us are currently stuck without production work, we lit up the sky and landmarks as a show of solidarity and support for the heroes of our society, but also for everyone else doing their part, even if just by staying home.”

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