Light show programmed and created by Westview encourages message of hope and gratitude.

“The Loop”, a public architectural feature in Downtown Long Beach, California, recently joined the nightly neighborhood celebration to honor first responders with a spectacular light show.

With original content design by Ryan Mueller and the team at TheatreDNA Creative, the structure that sits on a 7,700-square-foot lot at the southeast corner of Ocean Boulevard and Pine Avenue is a steel mesh infinity loop that sparkles and dazzles with a variety of shows that rotate randomly throughout the night. Westview provided the fixture installation and programming, as well as a robust controls system with remote management.

The newest element is a unique daily five-minute light show at 7:00 p.m. designed and programmed by Westview. Its computer-driven LED system can display an infinity of colors, making for a spectacular array of lights to brighten up the city. This latest initiative originated with the Long Beach Downtown Alliance wanting to show support for the residents who stood on their balconies every evening clapping and cheering for first responders, health care workers, nurses, grocery store employees, and many more who were working so hard to keep the communities safe.

“At times like this, we are honored to be part of the celebration,” expressed Eric Bloom, president of Westview. “This is a significant way to send a genuine and collective ‘thank you’ to the entire healthcare community as they work diligently to fight this pandemic and keep us safe,” he added.

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