Tamlite Lighting says lighting upgrades will be critical in helping schools become more energy efficient.

Analysis of Government data, carried out by eLight, shows the amount of money spent by schools on energy bills has increased by 6.5% in the last five years, as they struggle to implement energy efficient technology.

With lighting accounting for 50% of a school’s total electricity costs, Tamlite Lighting says by implementing upgrades, energy use can be significantly reduced often in return for a relatively small investment.

And with the summer holidays approaching, Tamlite Lighting’s Managing Director John Allden says now is the perfect time to look at lighting upgrades.

“Properly specified, the latest generation of LED lighting systems can deliver long-term cost-savings that make a dramatic difference,” he says. “LED lighting is quick and easy to install, pays back fast, and creates minimal installation disruption. With an increased focus on how education establishments can operate more efficiently, a well-designed lighting scheme is the best way to reduce energy consumption.”

The benefits of LED lighting are twofold as it will also help create a learning environment that is supportive of both student and teacher wellbeing.

Mr Allden adds: “Teaching spaces have changed, and they are now more dynamic, more considered and more human-centric. To reflect this, they should be designed to have a positive impact on learners and teachers. Fortunately, with the latest LED lighting and control technologies, it is now easier than ever before to identify and install systems that will work to the benefit of both students and teachers. By seeking a perfect balance between natural and artificial light, with different light output at different times of day, it is possible to offer illumination that works in conjunction with students’ natural rhythms. And deploying user-friendly controllers and interfaces allows staff to make easy adjustments and deliver appropriate levels and consistency of illumination, as well as eliminate glare. For those seeking to benefit from lighting upgrades, our expert team is on hand to work with architects, bursars, governors and headteachers to optimise learning environments for generations to come.”

For more information visit www.tamlite.co.uk or call +44 (0)1527 517777.

November 2023 issue

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