Clerkenwell Design Week (CDW) will return to London on the 24th – 26th May after a two-year hiatus, and this year’s edition is set to be the biggest year yet.

Prominent lighting trends to be featured at Clerkenwell Design Week include playful statement pieces, clean & contemporary designs, and innovative design methods.

Playful Statement Pieces

Playful statement pieces bring colour and artful design to lighting at this year’s festival. Brands such as Kinkatou, A Space to Glow, AGO, and Houseofdotcom will be displaying eye-catching fixtures that add an artful touch to interiors.

Kinkatou, a London-based studio, specializes in plaster sculptures and hand-thrown ceramics. The brand’s designer and sculptor, Rosemary Wain, focuses on bold pieces of functional artwork and statement pieces where art and lighting meet. The Gavotte Collection, their newest addition, will be featured during the festival amongst others.

A Space to Glow will celebrate its first major exhibition at Clerkenwell Design Week. Conceived in Phoenix and handmade in Herefordshire, the brand thoughtfully designs bespoke lanterns for playful interiors.

Clean & Contemporary Designs

Clerkenwell Design Week will also exhibit fixtures that are emblematic of timeless, contemporary design — including designs by Hand & Eye Studio, Spark & Bell, Square in Circle Studio, and Fritz Fryer. ​

Hand & Eye Studio is a London-based lighting design company with a clean-lined design aesthetic. Their new light, the Melina Wall, is one of their collections to be presented. This versatile modern twist on the classic globe wall light will add beautiful illumination and timeless design to any space.

The UK exhibitor Spark & Bell’s goal is to create designs using clean simple lines to make lasting timeless lighting pieces. The brand will highlight their new table lamp designed with Make Relief, which explores the beautiful hand-made bases of their collaborator from pour to assembly.

Innovative Lighting

Lighting brands using innovative methods to rethink the ways that we illuminate our spaces include Artemide, LEDS C4, and Kemps Architectural Lighting. During Clerkenwell Design Week, the Italian brand Artemide will present a scenographic installation of the new Funvia lighting system at the House of Detention, a former Victorian prison. Designed by Carlotta de Bevilaqua, CEO and President of Artemide, Funivia is a functional network of tangible and intangible relations that can evolve through the cooperation of its elements. In Funivia, innovation is a sustainable dialogue that overcomes the limits of all spaces.

Further lighting highlights will be displayed by Cult Vision, Frövi, Ethimo, and Cindy Lilen. 

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