With David Wright’s (Emergency Lighting Products Limited) retirement at the end of 2021, Alan Daniels of P4 Limited was elected as ICEL Council’s new Chair and we also welcomed four new Council members for 2022.

ICEL is the Industry Committee for Emergency Lighting, as a division of the Lighting Industry Association (LIA), it specialises in providing support to the market for Emergency Lighting requirements. Strengthening the industry and promoting the benefits of quality lighting, whilst protecting the interests of the public and LIA ICEL members.

Alan has been part of the emergency lighting industry for over 40 years, during his career he has been involved in the development of standards for emergency lighting in the UK and Europe. Along with the training of recruits to the industry and when he joined P4 in 2006, resumed serving as an ICEL Council member.

Taking up his tenure as Chair Alan said “ICEL’s ethos should continue to be to promote best practices in the development, manufacture, distribution and use of emergency lighting products and systems.”

The ICEL Council meet four times a year and consists of fifteen members who reside for a term of four years. After this period, a selection of Council members automatically retires, providing an opportunity for other ICEL members to stand for election. For 2022 we welcomed the below new members to Council:

  • Matthew Jones, Advanced Electronics Ltd
  • Graham Dean, Emergency Lighting Products Limited
  • Ian Hill, Hochiki Europe (UK) Ltd

And Craig Meakin, Philip Payne Ltd, who along with his fellow members will assist Alan in bringing his vision as Chair, which includes ensuring ICEL is the primary organisation representing emergency lighting interests in all situations and to all organisations, to fruition.


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