LED Lighting Technology and ‘Escape Lighting’

By Russell Parr, Sales & Marketing Director at Prime Light 

Lighting technology is constantly evolving, from Bluetooth Mesh connectivity to human-centric lighting, and the latest developments in emergency LED lighting technology are increasingly pushing the boundaries of what can be achieved from ‘escape lighting’.

Indeed, the latest generation of solutions now support an expanding array of functionality while also delivering on the common customer expectations of high-level performance, optimum efficiency, reliability and full compliance.

The power of programmability – a mainstay in a multitude of lighting applications – has increasingly grown in prominence in intelligent emergency lighting components. This presents an array of benefits from allowing manufacturers significant flexibility in luminaire design, the ability to integrate more efficient modules in fixtures, and even the capability to incorporate intelligent features.

Although traditionally LED luminaires are programmed to adjust for brightness, hue, and energy efficiency, amongst other characteristics, technological advancements mean there is no reason they cannot be extended to manage a wide range of building functions.

In fact, the programmable intelligence and wireless connectivity of today’s emergency lighting has the potential to deliver everything from the ability to remotely test systems from any location, anytime, to real time remote monitoring and maintenance alerts and full integration with other emergency and building automation systems in place, plus much more.

Smart emergency LED fixtures and drivers integrate on-board intelligence by including built-in diagnostics and self-testing features. The advantages of such functionality are it becomes easier to test, limits maintenance costs and reduces the possibility of fines for non-compliance.

What’s more, the interoperability of today’s emergency lighting components provides arguable the most logical solution for creating a connected ecosystem of lighting and building automation, in a smart building infrastructure. This not only simplifies regulatory compliance, but also creates a centralised monitoring and management platform.

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