Innerscene has been announced as a winner of the inaugural Build Back Better awards, receiving the Build Back Better Gold award for lighting in recognition of its breakthrough artificial skylight, the A7 Virtual Sun. Taking place on Wednesday 30th June as a virtual ceremony, the Build Back Better Lighting awards was established to champion innovation in buildings.  

Demonstrating a unique point of difference, Innerscene’s innovation optically recreates the appearance of a natural sun and sky in any environment day or night. Vivid beams of light are cast into the room from an ultra-bright distant 3D sun which appears to move in parallel with the viewer. 

At just 24cm(10”) deep, the A7 Virtual Sun by Innerscene is very slim, allowing it to be easily retrofitted. It has been cleverly designed so the sun appears at true infinity ensuring every occupant only sees one sun, no matter how many fixtures are joined together. Equipped with Innerscene’s Infinity Focus Technology, the A7 Virtual Sun by Innerscene offers a colour temperature which can automatically tune between 3,200K and 20,000K subsequently displaying a bright, realistic sky and brilliant sun that appears to be 93 million miles away.  

The use of natural light in hospital rooms has shown a reduction of the average length of stay, alongside quicker post-operative recovery, and a very important decrease of hospital-induced depressive illness. As such, the A7 Virtual Sun by Innerscene is a great asset to healthcare and other commercial facilities as its geographically calibrated internal clock enables it to synchronise its light with local daylight settings, thus matching the real sky from sunrise to sunset. The product has been used at the Apple HQ in Cupertino to great effect.  

Jonathan Clark CEO of Innerscene commented: As a team, we are delighted to have been confirmed as a winner of the Build Back Better Awards for Lighting. After dozens of prototypes, we are immensely proud of this product and all that we have achieved since launch. We have made great strides as a company in a short amount of time, and I very much look forward to an exciting few years ahead.”  

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