The ILP brings together the lighting community to share knowledge which helps people light the world in a better way. The ILP know that mental wellbeing is more important than ever recently and having had such a positive response to their ‘Mindful Working’ article in the Lighting Journal, they think the time is right to provide an opportunity for their community members to get creative with their wellbeing.

About the workshop:

Creative activities stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and reduce stress levels, by using a different side of the brain to the side we usually use in day to day activities. This brings many benefits to our health and wellbeing, allowing us to feel more present and relaxed.

The aim of this workshop is to allow participants to switch off their minds from everyday concerns and worries, access their inner creativity and to experience the health and wellbeing benefits of creating. This can seem intimidating for people, but no previous art making experience is needed or expected. The activities can help to reset and refresh the mind during the working day and allow us to find more creative solutions on a personal level and at work.

At the end of this session the group will have co-created an image and everyone will receive a digital copy.

About the workshop provider, Heeral Gudka:

Heeral is passionate about helping people thrive.

She has been working as a leadership, inclusion and wellbeing consultant for the last 6 years. Prior to this she worked in the commercial general insurance sector for 15 years. Despite all the hurricanes and wildfires, life spent analysing risk behind an excel spreadsheet was not for her!

Heeral’s philosophy is that for people to thrive at work they need courageous leaders and colleagues who understand the importance of creating inclusive work cultures, and who value the link between mental wellbeing and motivation. If we can pull together these aspects to create psychologically safe environments there is no limit to success.

When she’s not lost in her work Heeral can be found with her head in a book, on a hike, with an ice cold dirty martini in her hand, playing with her cockapoo Bobbi, but not all four at once!

The workshop will take place on Thursday 30 July at 12pm. Book your place now.

The ILP is a not for profit charity and set their ticket prices as low as they can manage. This session will run according to demand – if you can’t attend on this occasion but would like to hear about future sessions, please let the ILP know.

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