How is IoT going to change the Lighting industry in 2019?

By Joao Pola, CEO, Signify UK & Ireland

Did you know that there are more light points in the world than computers, tablets and smartphones combined? The potential role of connecting lighting for the Internet of Things is enormous, and we’re now only just scratching the surface. Today lighting is more connected than ever before. Performance data from light points and particularly making use of information collected from sensors embedded in lighting fixtures – will be a big development for the industry this year and beyond. The IoT is helping provide invaluable insight to help improve efficiencies and experiences, by collecting information from sensors within light points which can be used with other devices and apps, benefitting people and businesses in ways which extend the power of lighting beyond just illumination.

One day the value of the data collected by light fixtures may even exceed the worth of the illumination itself! For example, insights from data collected by occupancy sensors in office luminaires can help a company to maximize use of its office space. These cost efficiencies often outstrip the energy savings gained by converting to connected LED lighting.

Also, the rapid evolution of the industry is taking place at a pace normally associated with the IT sector. We have seen more developments in the past decade than the previous century, and the pace of change is not slowing. A good example of this is LiFi, where light itself is providing two-way fast broadband connectivity and the speed of that connectivity is increasing all the time. Connectivity, software and interactivity are the lifeblood of the IoT. New experiences and smarter, more productive ways of working are the pay-offs. The IoT is truly game-changing technology.

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