Helvar is proud to announce that they are a WiredScore Accredited Professional partner for SmartScore, among the first in the Nordics. Helvar’s SmartScore accreditation is a powerful indicator to the clients of Helvar’s expertise and leadership in the fields of digital connectivity, intelligent lighting solutions and smart technology.

WiredScore provides internationally recognised certification, assessing, evaluating, and certifying the digital connectivity of buildings. Helvar’s accreditation was announced during The WiredScore Future Forum on Tuesday 23rd November. This virtual event was a unique opportunity to gain industry-leading insights from innovation trailblazers and technology experts from across Europe. Featuring some of the most forward-thinking industry leaders, this WiredScore-hosted event looked at how real estate is changing across Europe and how in-building technology is instrumental in responding to that change.

“This is an exciting opportunity to be recognized as one of the most forward-looking leaders across Europe”, says Adel Hattab, CEO of Helvar. “We can help our clients to understand, improve, benchmark and promote smart technology in their buildings and development projects. By optimising design during the planning and construction of the development, one can avoid future renovation costs. Many buildings were designed and built-in pre-internet times. An astonishing 75% of all non-residential building stock in the EU was built before 1999, which creates urgency to renovate these buildings and now turn them into smart buildings.” SmartScore is the global certification for smart buildings, helping landlords understand, improve, and communicate the user functionality and technological foundations of their buildings.

2021 also marks Helvar’s 100th year in business. The company is continuing to introduce innovative and futureproof technologies to support its mission of Turning Everyday Places into Brighter Spaces. “Our mission reflects spaces that are sustainable, exceptionally well lit and intelligent, and thus support people’s wellbeing, creativity and productivity”, says Hattab. “These innovations and developments have been welcomed and acknowledged in the industry through several prestigious awards, including Frost & Sullivan’s 2020 Europe Company of the Year Award, the Controls Product of the Year at the 2020 Lux Awards, and an award and commendation at the 2020 DALI lighting awards.”

November 2023 issue

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