Powerlite Fitzgerald, a UK manufacturer of energy efficient LED lighting for the commercial, industrial, educational and healthcare sectors, has been selected by Hairmyres University Hospital to update the outdated and ineffective lighting in their car park and reception area.

Founded in 1919, the University Hospital based in Lanarkshire, Scotland wanted to upgrade their existing car park and interior reception lighting. Powerlite Fitzgerald were approached by Bradstone Lighting to provide an onsite survey and lighting design. Having worked together for over 20 years, Bradstone Lighting chose Powerlite Fitzgerald’s systems and experience for the application of a low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing solution.

Hairmyres Hospital was looking to create a safer car park environment for their staff and visitors. They also wanted to reduce the running and maintenance costs associated with their high-level lighting. Powerlite Fitzgerald was able to assist in creating a car park with a more uniform spread of light, to reduce the light pollution, whilst giving Hairmyres more control over directional lighting to create better coverage. Powerlite Fitzgerald also worked with Bradstone Lighting to create a more welcoming entrance/reception area for patients and visitors by installing lighting solutions with warmer colour renderings which was previously unachievable with its old discharge fittings.

Externally, Powerlite Fitzgerald proposed the 70W visage lighting heads to give Hairmyres instant light, and more control, as discharge requires a cooling period. Due to the 24/7 need of the car park, which has constant pedestrian and traffic movement, access was often difficult to orchestrate. However, Powerlite Fitzgerald was able to conduct an out of hours install to ensure that there was no disruption to hospital services.

Ben Arscott, Sales Director at Powerlite Fitzgerald, commented, “We are delighted that we were able to assist Hairmyres in creating a safe parking and reception environment for their staff and visitors with directional lighting. We were glad to provide suitable luminaires to replace their existing lighting and allow Hairmyres to reduce their running and maintenance costs significantly in each area.”

November 2023 issue

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