Fuga light fixture wins German Design Award

Fuga light fixture wins German Design Award

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This year, the international jury of the German Design Council awarded the Fuga light fixture a first prize in the category “Excellent Product Design”. Fuga was designed by Co.Studio for Belgian manufacturer Kreon, the foremost international reference for designer light fixtures.

Light as an abstract, geometric language.

The geometric language of the design resulted in an abstract, autonomous shape
– a sculpture, as it were. A light fixture that challenges architects to use their creativity
in entirely new ways in order to define a space: that is the vision that Christian Van Suetendael and Gert Van den Steen aim to communicate through their design. As designers, they strive to create strong, timeless designs with a well-thought-out and detailed visual language, always reduced to the pure essence of the object itself.

“Fuga is integrated seamlessly into the ceiling, giving the space in which it is installed
a characteristic minimalist style. A beautiful light fixture that produces a pleasant
and uniform light, with an outstanding degree of versatility”, pronounced the jury.

Fuga light fixture wins German Design Award2 Fuga light fixture wins German Design Award3

The bottom horizontal bar contains an LED strip with a diffuser for homogeneous illumination. This bar can be moved to the start position, or to the centre of the vertical bar. Additionally, rotating the lower horizontal bar of the Fuga transforms it into a dynamic pendulum.


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