As part of its commitment to deliver a first class service, Ovia is offering a dedicated lighting design service, allowing customers to access free lighting design schemes for their commercial projects.

The free service is available to electrical contracting companies, M&E consultants and anyone involved in the specification of lighting and lighting control equipment.  The aim is to provide expertise in choosing the right products and solutions to create a scheme that meets all the requirements and objectives of the project in question, and that is compliant with all the relevant regulations and standards.

Playing a major role in this new service is Gareth Hunt, Ovia’s Lighting Scheme Designer.  Gareth is a highly experienced and qualified member of the Ovia team.  He has spent eight years in the role of lighting designer for a number of high profile lighting manufacturers, and has also had responsibility for managing a team of lighting designers.  He holds Lighting Industry Federation’s Lighting Design Certificate and Lighting Design Advanced Certificate.

In a typical week recently, Gareth and the team were working on 12 different lighting projects, which included large office buildings, industrial warehouses, schools and a medical centre.

The lighting design request will normally come through the Ovia area sales managers, who will be actively promoting the service and will be the first point of contact to field the enquiry.  An Ovia Prequalification Form will need to be completed for each request, with the aim of gathering as much relevant information as possible about the project and any specific requirements.  Where necessary a site visit will take place.

With all the relevant information gathered, including drawings and specifications, and taking into consideration the customer’s requirements together with the latest legislations and guidelines, a Lighting Design Proposal will be prepared.  A schedule of lighting and lighting controls will be shared with the Ovia internal sales team who will prepare a quotation.  The Lighting Design Proposal and prepared quotation will be sent back to the Ovia sales team member and the quote will then either go through the wholesaler of choice, or the enquiry will be directed through one of Ovia’s supporting Elite stockists.

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