FERN by Vibhor Sogani

The light installation FERN, by artist Vibhor Sogani takes inspiration from the growth and unfolding of a plant. It appropriates the plant in the form of art, thereby becoming a distinct attraction within any landscape.

The installation is an abstract formation of Stainless Steel discs and a central stem twisting and curling to the top. The stem narrows as it reaches the top, and the discs turn smaller, creating impressions of movement and growth. The special finished edges are created in mirror finish to glisten and accentuate the form. In some discs, mirror finished hemispheres on top create an aesthetic akin to water droplets or morning dew.

During the day, the installation beautifies the landscape and at night, it stands out from the environment and appears to dance its way out of the ground. Each stem seems to be interacting with the other to create an organic asymmetry that is typical of any natural plant formation. The gentle light from the central spine, illuminates the discs, and exudes an outward warmth. The light creates an interesting play on surfaces and elements.

FERN is an artist’s imagination of a surreal landscape crafted out of stainless steel, where all formations mimic the processes of nature. The installation’s scale and proportion do not conform to the limits of nature, but create a captivating visual experience for the person witnessing the landscape.


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