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A1 Lighting speaks to Dr. Ulf Meiners, Managing Director at Nichia Chemical Europe GmbH about the company and their products.

Please tell A1 Lighting readers about the company and its ethos.

 For decades NICHIA – a family-owned Japanese business – has led the world in LEDs. This is the company that launched the high-brightness blue LED, which made it possible to create white light. Founded in 1956 in the Japanese city of Anan, Nichia started out making chemicals, including phosphors used in lighting products and televisions. This was NICHIA’s commercial story for almost 40 years before internal research struck gold, or in this case blue, in 1993.

The NICHIA name has long been associated with technical excellence and innovation in LED technology, and the company has maintained its leadership position through its stellar track record of manufacturing quality products and delivering exceptional performance, brightness, consistency and reliability to end users.


Please tell us about the ‘Light so Good’ campaign? 

NICHIA’s ‘Light so Good’ campaign underlines the importance of LEDs to deliver quality of light rather than simply communicate the benefits of using them to save energy or maintain high brightness.

Indeed, NICHIA’s latest products take LEDs to a whole new level. The capability to accurately tune light and control different spectra of LEDs is now of key importance. Of course, your readers will be familiar with the trend towards human-centric lighting, and this all-new range of technologies support human health and wellbeing, and provide colour quality closer to sunlight than ever before. Our team are excited to continue to promote the ‘Light so Good’ range of LEDs further to lighting professionals during the next few months. There is Vitasolis which offers “Light so Stimulating”, and Optisolis – offering “Light so Natural”.

NICHIA also has developed a 2-in-1 tunable white LED solution which uses patented technology to allow the user to smoothly transition CCTs from 6,500K to 2,700K. Using a small, single light emitting surface, the product achieves superb colour uniformity with high colour quality; up to 90 CRI.  It enables thinner, sleeker optical luminaire designs, eliminating the need for bulky colour mixing chambers.

What is the benefit of these new products on our health and wellbeing?

Vitasolis, for example, is a revolutionary solution that for the first time provides true human-centric lighting possibilities, combined with the high luminous efficacy of standard LEDs. This means customers no longer need to compromise on energy efficiency in order to benefit from circadian solutions. NICHIA has achieved this by fine-tuning the spectrum of light to match what the human body responds to, with barely any loss of efficacy. While standard LEDs struggle to provide a strong cyan component in their spectrum as this comes at a cost in terms of luminous efficacy, Vitasolis uses a special blend of phosphors to increase cyan in the resulting natural white light. Furthermore, Vitasolis is backward-compatible with other LED product families, such as Nichia’s 757 series, the industry’s leading 3030 package, so fixture manufacturers can get to market faster with solutions that deliver Light so Good.

How has NICHIA adapted to meet the changing needs of your customers?

NICHIA has a range of LED solutions to cater for a range of applications and requirements. For example, the ‘Light so Good’ range also incorporates Optisolis – the world’s first series of packaged LEDs and Chip-on-Board solutions that accurately mimic natural sunlight without producing any ultraviolet light which can be harmful to artifacts displayed in museums and art galleries. The solution is already integrated into lighting fixtures intended for such venues alongside retail settings such as supermarkets and jewelers to reproduce the vivid tones and finer details of displayed objects.

So, whether it’s bringing vitality to living and working spaces or ensuring valuable objects are appreciated and preserved, the Light so Good LED range from NICHIA empowers fixture manufacturers to enhance the world with light.

Nichia Chemical Europe GmbH  


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