Ecoled rebrand: PHOS launches The Power of Light

This September, during the London Design Festival, pioneering LED lighting manufacturer Ecoled unveiled a new direction, under the title, PHOS.

Under previous title, Ecoled, the engineering team have spent nearly a decade finessing their LED lighting fixtures, producing never-before-seen miniature but powerful luminaires here in the UK, and launched Eyeconic 2.0 earlier this summer. Both beautiful and functional, discreet and powerful, the range is the passion project of a team who are whole-heartedly dedicated to the medium of light and pushing the boundaries of traditional lighting manufacture. Having undergone a development in both product and core values, the team decided a new, more representative brand name was necessary and launched PHOS earlier this month.

The Company places a lot of emphasis on the provenance of their materials. These are the building blocks of its products. “Phos which means ‘light’ in Greek, represents our dedication to this magical medium in all its glory. With Phos we will enlighten, we will enthuse, and we will inspire”, explains Herman van Driel, PHOS’s Managing Director. “As the lighting industry changes and evolves, we have changed ahead of it and in striving to innovate, Phos has been born”

Light is arguably the most influential force on how we perceive and connect with the world around us, but we often overlook the impact it has on us and the spaces we inhabit. Phos’ ambition is to build a collective consciousness, and admiration for the power of light in the world, by providing an inspirational portal for the whole industry, at PHOS.

Brand new product innovations, a seamless integrated ordering process, and an authoritative technical information hub will sit alongside original, exciting and informative content curated by the world’s most respected and celebrated lighting specialists.

The Power of Light
Nowhere is this more evident than in The Power of Light, an immersive film experience created by James Cadisch, PHOS’s Development Director and the team at Driftend Films.

“The Power of Light” is a manifesto’ says James, the architect of the rebrand, ‘ a proclamation of a new direction, not just for Phos, but more importantly we are striving to elevate the perception of lighting for the industry as whole’.

These are bold words, but James has called on artists, designers, creatives and innovators from all over the globe to communicate their perceptions of light: emotive and practical, natural and engineered. Featuring lighting designer Toby Dennis from I Smashed It productions and Bruce Munro to name a few…

The film was premiered during DARC Room, where PHOS had their inaugural exhibition as part of the London Design Fair.

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