As part of its Earth Day celebration, Dialight a specialist in hazardous and industrial LED lighting innovation, today marked its 50th year of LED and sustainable lighting innovation with a new partnership and a $25,000 donation from the Dialight Foundation to the Women’s Earth Alliance (WEA).

The contribution will provide direct, life-saving access to food, health supplies business training, gardening and other community skills to help over 6,000 residents each month feed and take care of their families in Tijuana, Mexico—the location of one of Dialight’s manufacturing facilities.

“As a small company with a global impact, we take our corporate responsibility and commitment to sustainability very seriously,” said Dialight Group Chief Executive and Chair of the Dialight Foundation Fariyal Khanbabi. “We’re extremely pleased to mark this unparalleled milestone by partnering with Women’s Earth Alliance to amplify our impact with meaningful contributions in the areas in which we do business.”

Since producing its first LED-based product in 1971, just a year after the LED was invented, Dialight has been a global powerhouse in making the industrial world a brighter, safer and greener place through illumination setting the industry standard for product innovation, durability and sustainability.

Among its many industry milestones, Dialight launched the first LED traffic signal module and the first-ever hazardous location rated LED fixtures for obstruction and industrial use. Today, it is one of the only industrial lighting companies to have an Environmental Production Declaration (EPD) for its LED lighting products. The first in a series of products to have an EPD is the Vigilant Bulkhead launched in 2020 which provides customers with a product level carbon footprint that allows them to make validated and informed decisions about their product choice.

Now with over 2 million fixtures installed worldwide, Dialight’s installed base reduces carbon dioxide emissions by over 1 million tons annually—the equivalent of removing more than 40,000 cars from the road. And, by using Dialight products, customers consume 60% less energy than conventional high-pressure sodium fixtures.

Dialight’s commitment to health and safety goes far beyond helping its industrial customers remain accident-free with safe, dependable facility lighting. Throughout the pandemic, Dialight has reliably supplied its high-efficiency LED panel-mount indicators to ventilator manufacturers, enabling them to provide life-saving healthcare technologies at a pivotal time in world history.

As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Dialight has pledged to become carbon neutral by 2040, working with its supply chain partners to identify opportunities to reduce waste and increase recycling. Through continuous design innovation, Dialight aims to expand on its mercury-free fixtures and non-toxic components to develop the world’s first fully recyclable industrial fixture.

To learn more about Dialight’s 50-year legacy of LED innovation or the work of the Dialight Foundation, visit

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