Delta Light’s Central London showroom is the host and sponsor of up-and-coming lighting designer Chia Huei Lu’s highly anticipated first lighting exhibit in London, utilising Delta Light products to capture and implement her vision.

The light observation room will officially open on Tuesday 20th September at the Delta Light London showroom with an evening event from 5pm to celebrate the launch. The exhibition will be open to the design community and the public from 20th – 24th September.

The goal is to light up the space and also the mind by creating an immersive mindfulness experience culminating in a meditation practice. Audio will guide people throughout the process, urging them to pay closer attention to consciousness and inner thoughts that correspond with the changing environment presented by light scenes. The session will close with a meditation practice and an experience where people can alter the light settings to create their ideal environment for mindfulness.

The room is designed to present the transition of light coming through a window. The ambient light which mimics the daylight effect is created with Delta Light’s RGBW linear products with wall wash optics. The window paper captures the shadow of plants which illustrate the scenery behind the window. By using Delta Light’s Spy Focus spotlight projecting from different directions, the view is constantly changing, and the room is lit with different light levels. To complete the experience, a soft golden glow will appear at the centre, this represents the moonlight or sunlight, and also signifies the light from our inner heart during the mindfulness practice.

This event is the creation of Chia Huei Lu, a lighting designer, and her mentor, Ruth Kelly Waskett. Chia is a winning mentee of the Silhouette Awards 21-22, an awards mentorship programme launched by Parrot PR and Marketing and Archifos to showcase emerging talent within the lighting industry. Ruth is a lighting consultant with a background in engineering, lighting design, and academia. She is a former President of the Society of Light & Lighting, a regular contributor to guidance documents, and a visiting lecturer at the Bartlett School, UCL.

The pair’s vision aligned to create the design of this project, with Ruth’s passion about the impact of daylight on the health and wellbeing of building occupants complementing Chia’s focus on raising awareness of the relation between light as an essential element of our environment and how it can be part of meditative practice to benefit our mental health in daily life.

Chia explains the inspiration behind the LightLife Observation Exhibition: “Our perception of the world is influenced by our state of mind. I have my creative roots in theatre as a trained dancer, where I discovered how light evokes human emotions. Light is not just about seeing – it is about feeling the spaceLightLife is to present my vision of bringing light into our life through mindfulness practice. By focusing on the experience of users within a space, both mentally and physically, and utilising new technologies to keep the design environmentally friendly. 

I hope attendees will come with an open mind to observe the light scenery, and they will be able to identify the simple pleasure that we can all encounter. I am proud to have worked with Ruth and Delta Light on this event, collaborating with people who have shared beliefs to develop my creative and career journey.” 

Delta Light is a proud sponsor of the Silhouette Awards and honoured to be partnered with Chia and Ruth’s pairing to host the event in their London showroom. Andy Barnett, UK Area Manager at Delta Light, added: “We are delighted to host Chia’s event in our showroom, and happy to be supporting the young design talent of our industry. It’s incredible to see what the future of the lighting industry holds, with a focus on mental health and sustainability at the forefront.” 

To RSVP your space for the opening event on Tuesday 20th September from 5pm, email


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