Colourful Cuisine

New ‘colour tuned’ LED lamps spotlight retail needs in Camden Market.


Retailers know the value of colour. Of all sectors, retail receives the most immediate response from their customers. In the instance of food and grocery, the greater the vibrancy of the produce, the more sales are taken. Early generations of LED lamps were poor in terms of CRI (colour rendering Index) and flattened the appearance of colour – especially reds. In tandem with the launch of their new ‘colour tuned’ CRI 95 Real Colour Spotlights, Integral LED conducted a make-over of the largest outdoor food market in London and asked the operators for a response. The answer was immediate…

On any day of the week, Camden Market is a bustling place, attracting around 85 million visitors annually. On most days it is packed with tourists and Londoners feasting on the array of freshly prepared cuisine. The 43 street food stalls make a wondrous spectacle of varied food preparation, accompanied by a profusion of mouth-watering aromas. Yet, until recently the ‘visual’ sense has been impaired.

The lights within each food stall have been a collection of fluorescent and early generation LED that effectively ‘flattened’ the colours of the dishes. As 80 percent of all our sensory information comes from vision this is a vital factor in food marketing and sales. In Camden’s caldron of fresh fast food – Integral LED decided to put their new lamps to the test. Each of the retailers were switched to the new ‘Real Colour’ lamps and the response was instant.

“Lighting is very important in food retailing, effectively it is the difference between a £50 day and a £500 day” commented Rob Machin, Finance Manager at the KERB Food Group. “The new lights are making the food ‘sing’ and appear vibrant.” High CRI lights were once the preserve of specialist luminaire manufacturers with prohibitive prices. Until this new wave of LED lights, earlier generations struggled to match the colour accuracy of legacy light sources like halogen.

The appearance of colour tuned LED GU10s is set to have a major impact on the retail lighting scene where colour has a direct correlation with customer sales.

“The bottom line is that the Real Colour GU10 makes merchandise appear more attractive – which increases customer interest and ultimately sales,“ explained Jim Dixon from Integral LED.

The approval from the food retailers was universal. Feedback was totally positive and many of the stall holders claimed an up-lift in sales. The lights illuminated the sample dishes in the forefront of the display and many claimed that the added vibrancy had stimulated sales. Sonita, who manages her healthy Indian cooking stall added

“Our curries are colourful and these lights show the colour off a lot more, obviously the better the food looks the more sales we make…. It’s brilliant.” Integral’s Real Colour CRI 95 GU10 delivers a highly tuned correlated colour temperature (CCT) and is calibrated to less than three steps on a MacAdam ellipse. Four models are included in the range, two of which are dimmable. Using only 7W of power, the spotlights are an ideal cost saving replacement for 50W halogens. Available in 2700K and 4000K the GU10s deliver 380 and 440 Lumens of light suitable for both cool functional and warm lighting schemes that demand the highest standards in colour quality.

To find out more about this project watch a short video on the below link:

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