Photo credit: Ralph Larmann.

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, Dubai celebrated the arrival of 2022 in style, with a grand festival of events.

Principal among these was the Laser & Light Show at the mesmerising Burj Khalifa, created and produced by ECA2 with Patrick Awouters (LSE) at the helm of the light and laser element of the production.

The company also drew on its inventory of PR Lighting fixtures, deploying 250 of its newly-acquired AQUA 580 Beam waterproof moving heads. These lined up alongside 60 RGB lasers, ranging from 60W up to a powerful 100W.

The fully-featured IP66-rated AQUA 580 Beam produces a powerful output from a 550W engine, housing PR’s patent optics and a tight 2° beam angle. They were recommended by LSE MD Patrick Awouters, project managing the lighting with his son Nathan.

The fixtures had been purchased specifically for this project, and Awouters was in no doubt that they would be best fit for purpose after delivering proof of concept for the client. He cited “the combination of the brightness, the power, the weight and the experience of PR Lighting manufacturing IP-rated product over many years—mixed with our own experience of using PR products” as the principal drivers.

The company has had more than four years of working with PR Lighting fixtures and knows their reliability implicitly. “They are really professional and always react extremely quickly to all our requests, reflecting the quality in their product. The AQUA 580 Beams met our expectations perfectly. We are impressed with the incredible power to weight ratio, the colour fidelity as well as other options.”

He admits that rigging the fixtures the length of the tallest building in the world’s façade (830-meters)—on both sides of the Tower—had presented its own challenges.

Summing up, Patrick Awouters was unequivocal in his praise for the AQUA Beam 580, which ticked every box for a company who were working on this event for the first time.

“Compared with the year before, when other companies used competitor products on this Tower, it’s a major improvement,” he confirmed. “When we conducted a test for the customer, showing the AQUA 580 Beam against the competitor product, as soon as he saw the brightness and beam quality of the AQUA 580 Beam his choice was immediately to the PR Lighting fixture!”

This magnificent spectacle will now be projected onto the tower every hour from 6:15 p.m. to 10:15 p.m. on weekdays with extended projections every 30 minutes until 10:45 p.m. on weekends up to March 31st. The event will have been watched by around half a million people.

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