Building software solutions experts amBX has announced strategic partnerships with three emergency lighting brands. The new partnerships with ELP, Tridonic and Casambi, are set to provide added value to these companies in the form of smart emergency lighting control.

amBX’s software product, SmartCore, is utilised to enable their partners to offer additional benefits to their clients. The non-proprietary and vendor-agnostic solution works with a wide range of hardware. The flexible, open architecture provides seamless connectivity and data convergence, allowing users/specifiers to remain agnostic when choosing hardware and allowing for integration with building management systems. Data and information is presented in a user-friendly tool that can be customised to suit the end-users needs.

The SmartCore Emergency product is now integrated with ELP’s SurePath solution to allow building management to view faults, untested, overdue, completed and scheduled activities, creating a more efficient method of completing this mandatory task. It offers the OEM market an end-to-end emergency lighting solution that improves the audit process and saves time and cost.

Tridonic and Casambi are now using amBX to enable them to present device data in a user-friendly front end.

Other recent successes for amBX include the company’s partnership with Circadacare; a new science-led start-up supporting older people and people with dementia through fine-tuned spectrum lighting. amBX provide bespoke dashboard solutions for Circadacare and facilitate integration with other building technology such as Nursecall systems. Circadacare’s solution is powered by SmartCore – allowing for the development of carefully designed circadian lighting algorithms offering precise, granular control, closely emulating natural light and fully supporting occupants.

The team at amBX are passionate about being an enabler, empowering others to overcome challenges. Their software is adopted by a wide range of roles, including MSIs, Smart Building Consultants, OEMs and Lighting Control Companies. The flexible solution is embedded in Smart Building IoT Platforms and Building Management Systems to add extra functionality such as sophisticated lighting algorithms, technical integration with various protocols, a responsive UI for data visualisation or data aggregation for connectivity to the cloud.

As a result of their partnerships, amBX’s SmartCore software is utilised across a multitude of industries, including Vertical Farming, Care Environments, Office Workspaces, Education Buildings and Entertainment Venues – with installations in over 16 countries.

Demonstrating this, and a further mark of amBX’s growth and success, are two additional partnerships. Firstly, amBX is collaborating with a large Middle East conglomerate involved in construction and facilities management. SmartCore is the intelligence that controls the MENA solution, and custom-designed dashboards allow non-technical users to interact with their building with ease.

Finally, amBX is working with a UK-based vertical farming company. Once again, they are the software at the core of the urban farming solution. They monitor the lighting, Co2, humidity, temperature, and many other factors to ensure the very best harvest is achieved.

Phil Cross from amBX said: “The possibilities that amBX SmartCore offers are endless. As an ‘enabling’ technology, amBX can be the “glue” needed to accelerate the interoperability of the industry; facilitating partnerships and providing cost-effective, custom solutions that meet the needs of Smart Building stakeholders.”

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