The world of college football is forever changed as Bandit Lites brought rock and roll to the football fan experience, lighting up Neyland Stadium, the fifth-largest stadium in the country, with a custom lighting package for the sold-out Tennessee vs Ole Miss game.

Hailed as a “mind-blowing light show” by Sports Illustrated, the fixtures were heavily utilized in pregame activities, including the two-minute hype video prior to kickoff and lighting the iconic Power T formed by the Pride of the Southland Band when the football team takes to the field. Bandit put a 2021 twist on this old tradition by bathing the entire stadium in Tennessee Orange and the shape of the Power T in bright white. The stadium erupted when the illumination began, and the energy of the team was taken to levels never before seen. Sports media and social media blew up with pictures, videos, and comments the second the show began.

“Tennessee is known for having one of the largest and loudest stadiums in the country,” said Bandit Lites’ John Cameron Carter, who designed and produced the lighting show. “The “Neyland Effect” was ever present throughout the game. We worked closely with the Fan Experience Team prior to and during the game to match lighting with music and video.”

Over the course of three days, each skybox was outfitted with six Elation Proteus Maximus and six Elation Paladins. The high-intensity LED moving lights were chosen for their high output and IP65 Rating. Throughout the game the fixtures were used to light the crowd and field during timeouts, after PAT’s and other performances in conjunction with video and pyro. Control was achieved with a Grand MA 2 console.

“The energy inside the stadium was higher than ever and many fans remarked that the experience has been taken to a level never before seen in college football,” Carter said.

Carter and Bandit’s Alex Becker spent three days programming the system, crafting looks that would translate into a stadium with 103,000 people, video boards and cell phones.

“We utilised sharp edged beam looks to make the fixtures stand out,” explained Becker. “Strobes, chases and lots of ballyhoos were utilized. The field lighting was programmed in conjunction with our fixtures to amplify their effect.”

“Bandit was in total control of the stadium LED filed lights, the ribbon board, and the inventory we brought on board,” said Bandit Lites Chair (and Tennessee alumnus) Michael T. Strickland. “Tennessee Associate Athletic Director Jimmy Delaney was in charge of and the driving force behind this entire event. The entire UT team was great to work with. Bandit is extremely proud to be part of this tradition and look forward to doing it again at the Georgia game on November 13! Stay tuned for more!”

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