Millions of plastic bags to be saved with new responsible packaging

Ansell Lighting is set to save the equivalent of more than five million plastic bags per year with the launch of new responsible packaging, as part of its ongoing sustainability drive.

Ansell’s Green Team task force, a group of environmental champions who promote sustainability within the business, has overhauled the company’s packaging to replace single-use plastics with sustainable materials and therefore encourage good customer recycling habits.

Products will now be packaged in unbleached fully recycled and recyclable brown cardboard, one of the most environmentally friendly packaging materials.

In addition to eradicating single-use plastic protective packaging, the initiative will also see fixing kits packed in small paper bags, with biodegradable paper protecting the products.

The eco packaging has been introduced on products that are new to the S14 catalogue, launched in March, and it will be rolled out across Ansell’s entire range in 2021 and beyond.

Mark Abbott, Managing Director at Ansell Lighting said: “We’re committed to our sustainability goals and our new packaging will have a massive impact on our single plastic usage. Replacing the packaging on our downlights range alone means a saving of two million plastic bags per year.

“It will take a little time to migrate to responsible packaging across our entire product range but I’m delighted with the start we have made and we can’t wait to see the positive impact of the changes we’re making. An environmentally sustainable approach to business is essential to protect our planet for future generations.”

Ansell’s Green Team task force works to generate and implement ideas on how the company can be more environmentally friendly. Other initiatives have included recycling spare parts, choosing suppliers with fully recyclable packaging, reducing paper usage, switching to bamboo merchandise, and working towards being waste-neutral.

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