A shining example – the Light + Building Trend Forum 2020-21


Longing, delight, hope – few factors shape innovative design as much as strong emotions. Most of them have their origins in economic or political circumstances. In addition to this, the influence of ecology has grown exponentially over the last few years. This is reflected in the number of prominent activists all around the globe.



The Light + Building Trend Forum is the visionary starting point for all design-oriented designers. (Source: Messe Frankfurt / Petra Welzel)




Three scenarios for the ears – the Light + Building Trend Forum audio guide explains the background behind the impressions. (Source: Messe Frankfurt / Petra Welzel)



It comes as no surprise then that topics such as holistic thinking, future products and recycling are omnipresent in all areas of design. These can also be clearly seen in lighting design, but new materials and innovative processing techniques are often needed to implement these aims. In this respect, working materials that are either particularly durable or that can be easily returned to the resource cycle are also experiencing a renaissance. Stone is an example of this, as are wood and metal. In addition, designers like to work with alternative raw materials, such as bioplastics. Another trend: digital technology is increasingly meeting the needs of modern users as the centrepiece of modern lighting design –even if light fixtures are kept classic in style. This is made possible with ever more delicate and powerful LED and OLED lights.


The Light + Building Trend Forum will be showcasing all the living trends of the future in Hall 6.2. Innovative lights and luminaries will play a central role here. From 8 to 13 March 2020, the world’s leading trade fair for lighting and building services technology will be showcasing the trends in three scenarios – ‘Organic Sculptures’, ‘Studied Masterpieces’ and ‘Inventive Collages’. These are being researched and put together by the prestigious Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano.


Three scenarios for the ears – the Light + Building Trend Forum audio guide explains the background behind the impressions. (Source: Messe Frankfurt / Petra Welzel)

Organic Sculptures

This trend scenario describes objects and lights with a sculptural appearance. They emanate a feeling of calm and naturalness. Soft curves create an organic flow and interesting silhouettes. Primarily white and neutral shades of colour draw the attention to shape, materials and surface finish.

Studied Masterpieces

The architectural aspiration can be seen immediately in this scenario. Functional and systematic concepts and an awareness of revolutionary materials come together to form its core element. This results in creative archetypes and accurate workmanship. ‘Studied Masterpieces’ is manifested in shaded tones, which create a darkened, atmospheric ambience.

Inventive Collages

The ‘Inventive Collages’ scenario playfully follows influences from the world of art. The experimental development process of the pieces is made visible, so viewers are deliberately given the opportunity to see more than just the final product. In terms of colour, everything that contributes to the interior collage is allowed. And the materials are also experimental, intuitive and, in part, unpredictable.

In addition to the Light + Building Trend Forum itself, the detailed trend cards will also provide a full analysis of the trends. An audio guide will take trend enthusiasts on a journey through all three scenarios, providing background information and opening up perspectives. In addition, at 12.00 each day, Annetta Palmisano will be inviting visitors to a ‘Summary Report’ in the trend lounge and café bar. Also using a large projection screen, she will categorise the trends and point out concrete products. In the same place, there will also be a video loop giving long-lasting insights into tendencies, colours and trends.

The Light + Building fair will be taking place from 8 to 13 March 2020 in Frankfurt am Main.

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