A safe bet! RESCLITE PRO film wins a Golden Dolphin at the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2018

Zumtobel’s emotive marketing film produced for the launch of the new RESCLITE PRO emergency luminaire joins the prestigious list of winners at the ninth “Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards”.

Donna Dederding, Brand Communications Manager Zumtobel, receives the gold dolphin from Alexander V. Kammel, founder of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards.
Photo Credit: Timm Fleissgarten | NEUARTIG FILM & FOTO

Zumtobel has scooped one of the world’s most important awards for marketing and business films: a Golden Dolphin. The renowned jury, including a celebrated list of producers, directors, scientists, film specialists and marketing experts, was particularly impressed by the style of the Zumtobel entry. “The story is told in a visual design language that – alongside the actual product benefits – incorporates an additional level to demonstrate the aesthetic approach of the Zumtobel brand to its products. This shows how an emergency luminaire can be presented as a design object, which appeals perfectly to the specific target group,” explained Daniel Philipp, Managing Director and Executive Producer of Panda Pictures GmbH.

Produced by Stillrolling PRODUCTIONS from Stuttgart, the video claimed a prize in the “A2 Marketing Films – B2B” category. The Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards are presented each year by Filmservice International.

The two-minute film opens by using a threatening and nightmarish style to vividly illustrate how people feel in an emergency – especially when they are not familiar with the environment. Dark, unlit corridors. Seemingly endless stairways that lead to sheer nothingness. Labyrinth-like paths that really get the adrenaline flowing. The result for most people: anxiety and claustrophobic panic attacks. In stark (and welcome) contrast, good emergency lighting provides safety and orientation – which is exactly what the people in the film discover when the RESCLITE PRO emergency lighting comes on. A modest number of light-points are enough to illuminate the whole stairs and all the escape routes. And thereby enough to light the way to safety.

Award ceremony of the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards 2018.
Photo Credit: Timm Fleissgarten | NEUARTIG FILM & FOTO

Flexible, programmable and energy-efficient emergency lighting

The award-winning film was created to support the launch of Zumtobel`s RESCLITE PRO emergency lighting portfolio in April 2018. These compact, energy-efficient LED spots guide people to safety in the event of an emergency. Quickly. Reliably. And intelligently. The fittings can be adapted to suit the respective spatial environment and its particular requirements, as a range of variants with precisely optimised optics has been engineered to reflect the needs of different zones in a variety of applications – from offices to industrial sites and cultural projects. Whether there are corridors coming together at right angles, long escape routes, stairwells or rooms with high ceilings, RESCLITE PRO will always show the way. Thanks to new PROset technology from ZGS (Zumtobel Group Services), RESCLITE PRO can now also be addressed and configured using an app. Directly. And in no time at all. An NFC (Near Field Communication) interface enables the setting of dimming values and the selection of various types of switching, including continuous or stand-by light. Even the maintenance of the emergency lighting installation can be managed using this handy interface.

To watch the RESCLITE PRO film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ymueCqtWED8

For further information about RESCLITE PRO: https://www.zumtobel.com/com-en/press-information-2018.html#resclitepro

Find out more about the Cannes Corporate Media & TV Awards: https://www.cannescorporate.com/en/index.php

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