The Innovation Awards, run association with LSi magazine, are respected industry-wide for celebrating future-focussed tech that improves safety, efficiency and performance through new methods and materials.

33 products were entered this year. Seven nominees scooped an Innovation Award, and a Gold Award and a Sustainability Award were also presented. This year’s judging team comprised of 12 independent technical specialists from a wide array of backgrounds, chaired once again by chartered engineer James Eade.

James Eade, commented, “It has been great to see big names launching products at what is acknowledged to be the most independent industry awards. It is heartening to see creative engineers in the industry continuing to develop new and innovative products in such numbers.”

The winning products and judges’ comments are listed below:

Minuit Une – IVL Photon: The judges said that the multitude of dazzling effects from this laser light source will bring digital fireworks to productions.

Nicolaudie – Wolfmix W1: The judges said this product delivers a fresh and fun solution for the independent gigging band and DJ market.

PMI Gear – SMOKEGENIE: The judges said that this well-engineered product takes vaping technology and brings it to the stage. It provides three effects from one unit, including haze, low smoke and fog. The judges said that they had never seen a low smoke effect like that before especially out of such a small machine.

Robe Lighting – Robin iFORTE: The judges commented that this luminaire features genuine innovation to help reduce service intervals and to mitigate failure by introducing precise moisture control inside an IP65-rated fixture.

Sauca – Live Light: The judges said that this innovation takes control of your phone and provides the next creative chapter for audience participation.

Shure UK – KSM11: The judges felt this product draws on technology found in other sectors to alleviate common challenges faced by sound engineers, by providing an advanced suspension isolation system for ‘virtually zero handling noise’.

XM Automation – XMove: The judges felt that this product was deserving of an award for being the first controller to potentially bring industry-wide compatibility to automation.

Gold Award

Each year the judges also have the option to award a Gold Award in recognition outstanding innovation. This year they have decided to award one to…

Ayrton – Cobra: The judges felt this product demonstrates long-promised laser technology in a useable moving light fixture at a competitive price point, with good energy efficiency.

Sustainability Award

Each year the judges also have the option to award a Sustainability Award in recognition outstanding innovation. This year it was awarded to…

Artistic Licence – Micro-Scope upgrade kit: The judges remarked how this small assembly breathes new life into a product that dates back over 30 years. A simple user-upgrade enables old test equipment to be brought to current standards, owing to the foresight of the manufacturer when the product was conceived.


In addition to the winners, the judges commended two additional products, which are:

Robe Lighting – TX1 PosiProfile: The judges say this is a novel hybrid of moving light and generic fixture which will have many varied uses, particularly in situations with restricted space.

ROXX – Cluster Blinder: The judges felt this product modernises a classic fixture, featuring LED technology and well-engineered construction.

Gottelier Award

Following the Innovation Awards, a prestigious Gottelier Award was presented to JB Toby, Technical Director for Avolites. This award, named after Tony Gottelier, recognises individuals or teams of people who have made sustained and significant contributions to the development of entertainment technology.

JB Toby commented, “Receiving this award is something very special indeed. For years I looked up to the other award holders in what they stood for, seed innovative ideas into the industry, and see them grow into beautiful shows. And today the industry has selected me to join that list. I would like to thank PLASA and the industry as a whole for this tremendous honour, and my family for giving me the extra time for innovation to serve this amazingly crazy and creative industry.”

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