Aimed at people at the early stages of their lighting career, the competition is open to anyone under the age of 30 with an interest in light and lighting. Entries can be based on any light related topic and the winner will receive £1000 prize money, along with the prestigious title of SLL Young Lighter 2022.

The competition is designed to provide people with a platform to share their lighting ideas, this could be a piece of research, a lighting concept or design, a new technology or product, or even a proposal for a new lighting metric or design methodology.

Previous winners include Maria Englezou, who’s winning paper questioned current approaches to the design of lighting for healthcare facilities rooms; Aluwaine Manyonga, who proposed an off grid solar lighting system to help provide improved access to education in Africa; and Anna Wawrzyniak, who proposed a light boosting system to support the circadian rhythms of commuters using underground transportation for their commute to and from work.

The competition is open to entrants from all over the world and is broken into three stages:

Entry Stage One:

6 introductory Powerpoint slides outlining the entry. These could include images, illustrations, graphics, animations, text, voice etc.

Stage Two:

If your Stage One entry is shortlisted, SLL will ask you to elaborate with a 3-5 minute piece to camera and to expand on your initial ideas. This can be in whichever format your feel illustrates your entry best. SLL have listed some suggested formats below:

  • Expand on your initial slides (with a maximum of 25 slides in total)
  • Write a written paper (not exceeding 3000 words)

SLL would be open to discussing alternative formats, should your entry be shortlisted.

Stage Three:

Finalists will be selected and invited to deliver a 15-minute presentation in front of an online audience.

Following the presentations, a winner will be selected, receiving a cash prize of £1000 and the title SLL Young Lighter 2022.

Over the years we have seen some incredible projects and notable winners, making this competition an invaluable platform to explore and discuss ideas relating to light, particularly for those at the early stages of their careers.

Find out more and enter the competition today via or contact for further details.


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