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Adding to our range of single source downlights the next generation H2 Lite is the perfect all-round everyday LED downlight. Built to Collingwood’s high standards the H2 Lite comes with over 400 lumens, two LED colour temperatures and boasting an excellent efficacy of 74 lumens per watt.

Using a compact design with an integral mains dimmable power supply as standard, the H2 Lite is flicker-free when dimming and only 5.8W.

This complete downlight is IP65, available in 55° beam angle, integral bezel in two finishes, matt white and brushed steel and comes with a 4 year extended warranty with a tested 40,000 hour lamp life for peace of mind.

Use as part of a new installation or when looking to replace existing lights due to a flexible cut out size of 55mm to 75mm.

Looking for more light output? Try the H2 Pro 700. For further information please contact us.





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We are here to help you reduce the cost, risk and time taken to get your products to the market place.

Our highly experienced and knowledgeable team operating in our state-of-the-art facility provide a fast, efficient and flexible service.  We support our customers throughout product development and roll-out, delivering valuable support they can trust, on time.

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Hamilton’s Smart Lighting Control: an out-of-the-box, plug-and-play system that’s easy to install and comes with pre-programmed plates so no additional costly programming is required. Once installed, the homeowner can create, store and easily recall lighting scenes from anywhere in the home using wall-mounted control plates, or remotely via Hamilton’s dedicated iPhone/Android app. The process of setting lighting scenes on the control plate is not dissimilar to programming a car radio. Simply dim the lighting as required, hold your finger on one of four scene buttons until it locks in…it’s as simple as that! Dimmed scenes can also support a 20-30% reduction in energy consumption. Meanwhile, the new optional DMX control gives the designer the ability to colour mix red, green and blue LED light to create the perfect mood lighting, frequently used in high-end residential projects and boutique hotels. Matching control plates are available from the Hamilton collections for that totally co-ordinated look!


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