LuxLive 2017


A sneak peek of what you can expect from some of this year’s exhibitors at LuxLive 2017….



Nedap presents the Luxon IoT Node – making it easy for lighting vendors to benefit from connected lighting

Nedap is introducing the Luxon IoT Node to the UK-market during LuxLive in London. The Node features a tiny electronic device that connects luminaires, regardless of brand, to the Luxon light management system in a cost-effective manner. This technology has been developed in line with Nedap’s ambitions to make connected lighting widely available and to unlock and sustain the full potential of LED lighting.

The Luxon IoT Node connects LED luminaires to a mesh network. Lights are driven by demand using multiple control strategies and only switched on where and when needed.


Tamlite Lighting Ltd.

Tamlite at LuxLive 2017: Celebrating the past 50 years and leading the way in connected lighting for the future

LuxLive 2017 is just around the corner and preparations are underway at the headquarters of Tamlite Lighting. As one of the UK’s largest privately-owned lighting manufacturers, Tamlite is set to continue its 50th anniversary celebrations and unveil new products at the show.
Tamlite Lighting’s Head of Sales, Marketing and Product Development Colin Lawson comments:  “Our 50th anniversary is a perfect opportunity to ‘think customer’ and share our knowledge and expertise. We look forward to meeting customers at LuxLive, introducing our latest technological innovations and to enjoying a special occasion on the opening night.”


Feilo Sylvania

Feilo Sylvania to launch SylSmart, a broad suite of cutting edge smart lighting solutions, at LuxLive 2017




SylSmart solutions offer seamless user experiences, leverage smarter lighting controls, big data and break with the traditional industrial control paradigm currently dominating the lighting control market. They are built using the latest state-of-the-art IoT technologies such as distributed intelligence, advanced sensors, interoperable Bluetooth Mesh communications, cloud based software services and mobile application interfaces.

Feilo Sylvania’s SylSmart range of smart lighting solutions is set to debut at LuxLive this November in the IoT Arena (Booth H30, LuxLive 15-16 November 2017, ExCel London).




Carclo Optics

The 33Up Family

The 33Up arrays from Carclo Optics, further compliment the premium quality product range associated with the company throughout it’s long history. Our in-house expertise and experience drive every product design and the revolutionary 33Ups are no exception. Already popular due to its high performance results, compatibility with industry boards and seamless connectivity, the 33Up family is a cost effective solution for a wide range of projects.

The ability to have a seamless appearance minimises the risk of contact with high voltage wiring. The latest revision is compatible with all leading boards including the Philips Fortimo Gen4.

Available as 30º, 60º, 90º & Double Asymmetric beam angles, in either polycarbonate or PMMA.


Ecopac Power

Eaglerise latest 3 watt to 6 watts Constant Current Mains Dimmable LED Driver the EIP006 series will power LED’s from 3 watt to 6 watts with a single constant current output available at 350mA, 500mA or 700mA.

These Mains Dimmable Drivers have very smooth dimming using Triac Leading Edge or Trailing Edge dimming with a range from 0.6 watt to 6 watts and can be dimmed using either a Triac Leading Edge or Trailing Edge dimmer.

Please call 01844 204430 or email for more information.




Vertigo® Slim LED Highbay Range by Hacel

Designed and manufactured in the UK, the Hacel Vertigo® LED range of highbay products integrates a refreshing design approach to a functional, practical and efficient luminaire.

Utilising refractor lens control to provide an accurate distribution of light, Vertigo® is perfect for a host of application areas including warehouses, car showrooms, logistics centres and sports halls (IK08 rated). Vertigo® offers the full benefits of class leading LED lighting; light quality, long service lifetime, reduced energy consumption and maintenance whilst offering versatility for installation. Suspended versions come as standard, with surface, chain suspensions, trunking and Gripple versions also available.

A unique and distinctive range hosting a choice of lumen outputs from 10720 to 42880 and an efficacy yield of up to 116 lm/W. The flexibility of Vertigo® luminaires is further enhanced by PIR sensors and control options to promote additional energy savings.


Thorlux Lighting

Introducing the Comboseal Plus range of low profile, high efficiency, IP66 circular LED luminaires for high and low bay applications, designed to be used as direct replacements for traditional single point suspended discharge luminaires up to 400W.

Integral Smart controls and optional SmartScan wireless connectivity allow the installation of energy saving luminaires without the need for additional cabling. The Comboseal Plus is available in 171W, 251W and 326W, with Smart versions suitable for use up to 18m.

The Thorlux designed PCBs are capable of producing over 44,000 lumens of white light, with colour rendition greater than 80 CRI.





WEEEE compliance ad FREE recycling

Recolight provide WEEE compliance for the lighting industry. Charging is per unit put on market with no hidden costs.

We can offer a free recycling service for lamps and luminaires because we operate as a non-profit WEEE compliance scheme, funded by our members, the lighting industry. With four lighting producers on our board, we understand WEEE and work to get the regulations right for you.

As your virtual WEEE compliance team, we will make sure you are complaint with regulation, reporting and storage advice for all WEEE lighting.

Join the leading WEEE compliance scheme for lamps and luminaires.






SMD through-board terminal reduces shadowing while opening up new luminaire design possibilities
Stand M45 at LuxLive sees a new surface-mount terminal block from WAGO make its UK debut. The 2070 Series shifts wiring from the front to the back of the printed circuit board (PCB), opening more applications for SMD LED lighting modules. A height of 1.1 mm and no wiring on the LED side reduces on-board shadowing caused by the profile of the terminal block obscuring light paths, thus improving light uniformity. Manufacturers of linear LED modules and ultra-flat luminaires benefit from increased luminous efficiency, while spring pressure connection allows quicker installation.

Other products on the stand include WAGO Lighting Management, a lighting control system. The WAGO hardware used in the system, comprising a controller and DALI bus modules, can integrate up to 64 DALI lights, up to 16 DALI sensors, and up to 16 DALI transmitters per module. Since the number of bus modules is scalable, WAGO Lighting Management can be used for small production facilities or large logistics centres, and enlarged over time to manage more DALI devices as required.

WAGO is also demonstrating its WINSTA pluggable connection system, which substantially reduces installation time with increased reliability compared to screw-type connections. It can be wired and assembled off-site to reduce lead times. Once delivered on-site it can be plugged together, reducing skilled labour requirements. WINSTA components are free from maintenance for their operational life, ensuring high reliability and lower costs.



New BESA Box ”G” Type Socket Outlet Range 

Metway Electrical Industries launch their New BESA Box Mounted Socket Outlet Range.

Designed to fit standard “G” type industry preferred connectors, they are available in 3, 4 and 6 pole versions, supplied in industry standard black and black / blue mechanical coding.

The latching plug feature ensures and maintains a positive connection.

It offers ease of installation by using unique double stacked loop in loop out terminals.

The 6 pole version comes complete with an extra deep mounting ring to accommodate up to twelve 1.5mm single conductors (6 in / 6 out).


Integral LED

Integral LED showcase two breakthrough products; Evofire, an evolutionary fire rated downlight fitting for GU10/MR16 lamps and a 152 lm/W LED Back-lit Panel, the most efficient in its category.

The new back-lit 152 lm/W LED Panel has been designed to maximise energy saving in office refurbishments. A breakthrough in power to light, it prompts the replacement of first-generation LED panels in terms of savings delivered.

Evofire’s open design does not conceal the lamp in a metal canister, lamps run at up to 10°C cooler extending longevity. The 1mm blend-in bezel fits flush with a ceiling appearing discreet and pleasing aesthetically.



Ecopac Power

12 watts Constant Current Mains Dimmable LED Driver EIP012 series Triac Leading Edge or Trailing Edge dimmable driver will power LED’s from 6 watt to 12 watts, three models are available at 350mA, 500mA or 700mA.


These Eaglerise Mains Dimmable Drivers have a very smooth dimming from 1.2 watt to 12 watts and can be dimmed using either a Triac Leading Edge or Trailing Edge dimmer.

For more information please call Ecopac Power on 01844 204430 or email


Crompton Lamps | +44 (0)1274 657 088 |

Crompton at LuxLive

Making its debut at the show will be Spectrum a APP controlled tuneable fire rated downlighter that can be simply operated from a Smartphone (Google Android or Apple IOS).   Incorporating two LED sources, the luminaire offers dual colour and dimming control with a 10W downlight consists of a 40-degree spotlight courtesy of a fully dimmable LED COB.

Crompton has chosen LuxLive 2017 to showcase its extensive Phoebe LED range of domestic and commercial fittings for interior, exterior and specialist areas.  The Phoebe LED range offers sleek, innovate, high performance luminaires to offer totally energy efficient lighting solutions with emergency, sensor and DALI options available as specials on most of the range.



FULHAM | +31 72 572 3000 |


October sees the launch of a new LED 25W universal mains dimmable driver from Fulham Europe, one of the leaders in electronic lighting components.

The driver has been cleverly designed to auto-detect and work reliably with triac, leading edge and trailing edge dimmers, potentiometers and 0-10V dimming controls.  It is fully software controlled to analyse the behaviour of all dimmers and is able to dim as low as 12mA. The driver allows ultra-smooth dimming and linear dimming supporting Dim to Warm LEDs.

The new dimmable driver is expected to be very popular as it is designed to be compatible with most dimmers from a wide range of dimming controls manufacturers.


LuxLive takes place at ExCeL London on the 15th and 16th November 2017. For more information on the event, take a look at our show preview or visit the LuxLive website

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