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NEW Paintable Range

No more compromise! Hamilton’s range of paintable plates offers a colour match made in interior heaven.

Plates can be supplied pre-painted to exactly match – or even contrast – any wall colour or design theme, or to replicate the finer tones used in your soft furnishings. And in case you prefer to apply the colour yourself onsite, plates are also available in a ready-to-paint primed finish.

Hamilton’s paintable range is available using the Hartland CFX and Sheer CFX designer collections, with a choice of insert finishes from Bright Chrome to Antique Brass, and with either Black or White insert surrounds.


Industry First – Ultra Dual 2.4A USB Switched Socket Plates

Simultaneously charging tablets and other higher-rated devices from a single plate is no longer a problem. An industry first, Hamilton’s new Ultra dual 2.4A USB switched socket plates are leading the charge to ensure 24/7 connectivity. Supplied as double pole as standard, the socket plate is available in 12 designs, including the popular Linea, Hartland and Sheer designer collections, each having up to 11 stunning plate finishes and a choice of inserts.



LEDIT-B100 2-Way LED Dimmer

The LEDIT-B100™ 2-Way LED Dimmer is the perfect retrofit replacement when used with a standard 2-way Rocker Switch. It comes pre-set to ‘Trailing-Edge’ but can also be easily reset for ‘Leading-Edge’ control when necessary, and allows the minimum setting to be adjusted. If the circuit contains a mixture of both Trailing and Leading-Edge LEDs, the dimming mode can be fine-tuned to deliver a smooth operation and maximum performance. Ideal for applications such as larger rooms with two entrances/exits or on stairway lighting. A third intermediate switch for extra control can be accommodated for long hallways and corridors.


Smart Lighting Control

Hamilton’s out-of-the-box, plug-and-play Smart Lighting Control system is easy to install and comes with pre-programmed plates so all that is needed is to wire up the system. Once installed, the homeowner can create and recall lighting scenes from anywhere in the home using a wall-mounted control plate, or remotely with the Hamilton iPhone/Android app. The new DMX control option allows an RGB colour wash to be used as accent lighting to add drama to a space. The system can be integrated with Hamilton’s multi-room audio solution for a complete lighting and sound package.


Smart Multi-room Audio Control

Hamilton’s Smart Multi-room Audio system provides the versatility of controlling music played in different areas of a property: from the living areas to the bathroom, and even the garden.

Essentially a hard-wired system, up to four music sources can be plugged into the system’s discreet hub and fed into up to four rooms or zones around the property. Built using the same technology as it’s Smart Lighting Control, scalability is not a problem, and the system can accommodate up to 32 separate zones. Complementing its wired system is a new range of wireless products including a music bridge and portable speakers.

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