Words and Light Anthology

The organisers of the International Year of Light 2015 Literary Competition “Words and Light” at ITMO University, St. Petersburg, Russia, are delighted to present the collection of best works submitted to the competition.

“Words and Light” was a one-of-its-kind event, initiated purposely for this International Year and Light-baser Technologies 2015 (IYL 2015), aimed at being a tribute to all the writers inspired by Light, writers interested in the Science of Light, and scientists-poets, past and present.

More than 400 authors from 19 countries took part in the competition, namely Australia, Austria, Belarus, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Lithuania, Philippines, Portugal, Russia, Turkey, the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America. The anthology, depicting a breath of themes and genres, is beautifully illustrated by the works of the winners of the Poster competition “Let there be Light!”, organised by the same university.

“Words and Light” is the result of authentic team work and would not have been possible without the coordinated efforts of its members: Ana Luisa Simoes Gamboa, initiator of the project, researcher at the Centre for Information Optical Technologies, Evgeny Raskin, vice-head of the Department of Youth Affairs, Margarita Petrova, head of the Students Scientific Society, Aleksey Itin, vice-dean of the Faculty of Laser and Lighting Engineering and head of Development of Students’ Media at the Department of Youth Affairs, Yulia Mokretsova, vice-head of the Students’ Union, Valery Bondarev, head of the Students’ Union of the Faculty of Information Technologies and Programming, Elena Kurtseva, director of the Centre for Students’ Print Media, and Ekaterina Kalkina, head of the Section for the Organisation of Sport and Mass Events.

By emphasizing the connections between Light, Science, and Literature, the ultimate aims of “Words and Light” were to attract the attention of as many people as possible to the significance and aims of the IYL 2015 and promote Dialogue and Peace through underlining the universal and all-embracing character of Light and the sense of togetherness it entails.

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