Wireless LED range makes lighting easy

Mr Beams, from Unique LED Lighting is a wireless, motion-sensored lighting range which is completely battery powered.

The range contains lights for both in and outdoor use. All lights are weatherproof so exposure to the elements is not an issue.

Set-up is very straight forward and each light comes with its own installation pack, typically made up of two screws and tape.

The lights all work via sensors. They won’t come on if it is light, meaning no battery power is wasted throughout the day, and they only turn on if motion is detected.

There are five lights in the range, three indoor models and two outdoor. The indoor lights include a nightlight which glows when darkness is detected and brightens when it senses motion, a ceiling light for attics, sheds, garages and cupboards and a universal light for bathrooms, showers, cloakrooms and camping.

The outdoor lights are made up of a spotlight and a pathlight which, like the nightlight, glows when darkness is detected and brightens when it senses motion. Both of these are available with a remote control.

Anna Mason, sales manager at Unique LED Lighting, said: “It’s a good quality, bright light with a long battery life. I’ve had the universal light in my hall for the last 18 months and the battery is still going strong.”


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