Verbatim launches OLED modules

Verbatim announces an OLED module that lighting designers, artists, engineers, and architects can use to quickly and easily implement the creative lighting schemes using the company’s VELVE OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panels. Each module comprises a colour-tunable, framed VELVE OLED panel with a light emitting area of 123mm x 123mm. A printed circuit board with the control electronics is mounted onto the back of each panel. The whole assembly measures  146.4mm wide x 133.3mm long x 8.7mm deep and weights 192 grams.

The dimmable OLED module, which consumes 2.6W from a 24V DC power source, features both DMX512 and DALI intefaces and its integral calibration ensures uniform light distribution from panel-to-panel. It delivers RGB colour at up to 47.6 lumens, illuminance of 1000 candelas per square metre at a colour temperature of 3000K, and luminous efficacy of 31 lumens per Watt.


A VELVE OLED evaluation kit is also available. It consists of a colour-tunable, framed OLED measuring 207 x 145 x 18.3mm and an electronic circuit controlled via an USB connection. The initial colour and white tones are pre-programmed. Designers can then experiment with colour, white tone and brightness using the supplied software. An external AC/DC power supply and information explaining OLED technology are included.

Many times thinner than a human hair, OLED lighting is both flexible and lightweight. It provides bright dynamic light and uses even less energy than conventional LEDs, enabling even architectural scale lighting displays to be created with minimal power consumption.

Verbatim’s parent company, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (MCC) integrated the qualities of OLEDs with new processes and materials to create a new light-emitting technology that enables production of the world’s largest OLED panels, approximately 14cm square. Ongoing development will make even larger panels available in future and will reduce manufacturing costs.

Lighting appliances incorporating VELVE OLED technology are scheduled for launch later this year.


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