UK Lighting manufacturer launches new energy efficient lower watt HID lamps

Contrac Lighting, a leading manufacturer of lighting solutions for the retail, industrial, commercial and leisure industries, has announced it is one of the first companies in the UK to replace standard 400W HID packages in their luminaires with the Venture Lighting 320W Energy Saving (ES) package and the standard 250W HID with the 200W ES.

The new products bridge the gap between standard HID lamps – which are estimated to account for 80% of the market – and the new style ‘high-end’ fluorescent lamps.

The 320W and 200W HID packages provide customers looking to use traditional style HID Lowbays, Highbays and Floodlights with a commercially attractive, more energy efficient alternative, delivering 20% savings, no difference in light output – compared to traditional style HID lamps – and no change in set up costs (see also attached 250W/200W ES comparison table).

This range of advanced energy saving HIDs also offer up to double the lamp life and vastly improved lumen maintenance as standard. With Contrac using this energy saving technology as standard in their traditional style bodies, it gives the option of them being easily integrated into existing applications as and when required, avoiding costly complete refurbishment expenditure.

Anne Shone, managing director at Contrac Lighting commented, “The new energy saving HID lamps are the first of their kind. We are excited to be at the forefront of the market in launching this new technology. The new lighting solutions not only help our customers save energy and money, but reduce carbon emissions as well.”

Phil Croker Venture Lighting’s OEM sales manager said “In the current climate lighting plays a huge role in meeting the government’s targets for reducing carbon emissions. It’s fantastic that Venture Lighting Europe are able to work with such a reputable and long standing customer in Contrac Lighting, to promote the new products that are available in HID. This proactive approach that Contrac are taking ensures that end users are receiving key information about the full range of lighting solutions available. For a long time HID has been

perceived as old and inefficient but with Venture Lighting’s innovative range of energy saving products coupled with the expertise of our OEM’s such as Contrac Lighting, HID lighting solutions can realise an exciting new identity.”

Both the 320W ES and 200W ES HID packages also meet Contrac’s first brand philosophy of only using trusted first brand lamp and control gear manufacturers.

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