Thorn Lighting Launches PopPack Pro Fluorescent Batten

Thorn Lighting, a globally trusted supplier of both outdoor and indoor luminaires and integrated controls, today announced the launch of the PopPack Pro fluorescent batten, offering faster and simpler installation, better energy efficiency and unrivalled optical performance.

Based on feedback and consultation with lighting installers, contractors and other customers, Thorn Lighting has developed the next generation of PopPack Pro ‘twinline’ diffuser.  With an innovative and patented fixing mechanism, the new diffuser is 50 percent quicker to install than the previous ‘classic’ model and installers can not only see but also hear how securely the diffuser clicks into place. Maintenance of the diffuser is also easier, as the batten can be removed simply by squeezing the release tabs on the fixing system.

PopPack Pro has been re-designed to provide a more contemporary look and feel.  No longer only a back–of-house product, the new PopPackPro is now the perfect choice for lighting  front-of-house locations, including offices, educational institutions and retail outlets, as well as warehouses and industrial environments.

Also new to the range is the Cornice attachment, enabling luminaires to be mounted along the corner of the ceiling rather than in the middle as with previous batten products, making it a great solution for corridors, especially in healthcare environments where the lighting and environment are crucial to patient comfort.

Completing the family of optics is the Compact batten.  At 55w, this 600mm product delivers light output beyond its small size, making it perfect for those difficult to access, smaller spaces.

In addition, PopPack Pro is built on high frequency electronic control technology which prolongs the life of fluorescent lamps, whilst using less energy thereby significantly reducing operating and maintenance costs.

“PopPack Pro is the culmination of many years of experience Thorn Lighting has gained since inventing the fluorescent batten, mixed with leading-edge technology to form the ultimate batten for installers and end users,” said Nick Sinclair, Sales Director, Thorn Lighting.

“As a business, we understand that speed and cost of installation, the reliability of the product and quality of lighting are key concerns to our customers. We have developed a product which addresses these challenges, whilst also improving the aesthetics and energy efficiency to make a high-class batten product at an economical price.”


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