Sylvania Launches Direct LED replacement for 50W Halogen Flood

Sylvania are pleased to announce the launch of the new 350lm ES50. The new lamp has the power to replace a 50W halogen – the hugely popular workhorse of accent and display lighting – while staying within the limits for maximum lamp dimensions specified by IEC. This ensures it can be fitted into all GU10 and GZ10-type luminaires- without compromise – opening-up the benefits of LED lighting to the whole lighting market.

With much being made in the national media regarding LED lamps, it is interesting to note that Sylvania is still innovating in GU10 technology with a product range first launched to great acclaim nearly 15 years ago! The lamp is manufactured at Sylvania’s state-of-the-art facility in Tienen (Belgium), where the original halogen GU10 lamp was invented and first produced back in 1997. This new product offers outstanding performance of 350 lumen output and up to 25,000 hours of life.

“For a long time the market has been crying out for a product that is a straight replacement for a 50W GU10 halogen lamp,” says Peter Dillen, Strategic Business Unit Director LED. “In our opinion, the 350lm ES50 LED has no draw-backs, it is a straight replacement for a 50W halogen flood and delivers the lower energy costs and reduced maintenance of LED technology. All this, and at an extremely competitive price point! We’re anticipating huge demand for the product and are looking forward to it occupying the same iconic position as our halogen forebear.”

The 350lm ES50 has various patented design features that have overcome the shortcomings of comparative products in the marketplace. The current best alternatives are larger lamps that do not fit into all luminaires, or traditional-sized products that, in reality, fail to match the true 50W halogen performance. The new design strikes a balance between heat sink size and space between the cooling fins to achieve clear air circulation and effective heat evacuation. The result is a smaller, lighter lamp delivering a higher 350 lumen output, to offer class-leading performance that sets a new benchmark for LEDs.

The 350lm ES50 will be available in 2700K Homelight, 3000K Warm white and 4000K Cool white colours with a beam angle of either 25° or 40°; the 25° delivers 1200 candela, and the 40° delivers 600 candela in the warm white colour temperatures. Crucially, both versions match the 350lm flux of 50W GU10 halogen lamps, whereas earlier efforts have so far only matched the luminous intensity figure – which leads to consumer dissatisfaction in many applications such as downlighting and general illumination where lumens are important.

Another benefit over the current market standard is a power factor of 0.8. Many replacement LED products have a much lower power factor equating to less efficient operation. The high power factor of the 350lm ES50 demonstrates the capacity of a lamp to efficiently convert input power (VA) into output ie, active power (W).

The 350lm ES50 is the first of several Sylvania LED lamp products scheduled to be launched in the coming months. There are plans to broaden the range with higher lumen versions aimed at replacing bigger lamps, including 12V halogen lamps.Sylvaniais supporting this new product range with a fully integrated marketing campaign providing on-going service and communications support.


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