Surge Protection Products Added to Cudis CPN Range

Changes to wiring regulations that become effective from January 1, 2012 offer a huge opportunity for electrical trades according to Cudis, suppliers of the CPN range of consumer units and miniature circuit breakers.  Anticipating a demand for surge protection for both new build property and renovation projects, Cudis has added Dehn surge protectors from Germany to its extensive product portfolio.

The devices provide protection from externally generated voltage surges, spikes and other transients.  In addition to new systems, Cudis also recommends surge protection as a simple and common sense upgrade to existing electrical systems in both domestic and light commercial applications.

“Dehn is a family owned company specialising over several decades in electrical protection, building a sound industry reputation in the process,” explained Cudis sales director, Mike Hankins.  “The surge protectors that we are recommending will protect the complete house circuit from externally generated transients.  Problems can also arise in the home when kettles, electric showers, dryers and similar high power appliances are switched on and off.  Fortunately, we also offer protected sockets under the CPN brand that can eliminate this localised hazard.”

Voltage surges can occur for many reasons.  Lightning strike is the most obvious and dramatic cause of voltage surge.  More commonly surges arise because of load switching in the distribution network or because of fluctuation caused by demands from industrial users.

A surge is an overvoltage that lasts three nano-seconds or longer and a spike anything less than that interval.  Transient surges and spikes may go unnoticed, but they can have a damaging effect on sensitive electronic equipment such as computers, telecoms, games consoles and high spec TV and audio equipment.  While the householder may not notice the immediate effect, transients will age the sensitive components in electronic equipment leading to premature failure and expense.

The Dehn devices work by safely diverting excess current to earth, ensuring consistent delivery voltage.  An indicator on the unit shows when the unit has been challenged by overvoltage allowing the electrician to establish if the diversion pathway is still operable and to swap out the unit if necessary.

Cudis has the surge protectors in stock now and have a national network of distributors ready to provide service.  The company welcomes new approaches and can offer attractive terms to distributors who can achieve volume sales.


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