Sensio’s Launches New HD LED Linkable Strip Lighting

Furniture lighting manufacturer, Sensio Lighting, has unveiled its latest innovation; HD LED 2020 Linkable Strip Lights. Available in 400 and 600mm lengths, Sensio’s latest concept offers the end user versatility and flexibility as the homeowner can pick and choose what they need to create their own bespoke lighting solution. The lights can then simply be connected to one another for a continuous run.


Sensio’s 2020 Linkable Strip Lights only measure 22.6mm in width, which mean they will discreetly fit into tight spaces. This strip lighting is ideal for under-cabinet illumination as it lights up the work surface so the homeowner can carry out their day-to-day tasks in the kitchen, such as preparing food and wiping down work surfaces with ease.


The consumer can choose between cool-white or warm-white LEDS in aluminium for an attractive finish suiting both traditional and modern interiors. Sensio’s 2020 HD LED Linkable Strip Lights have a lifespan of ten- twelve years depending on usage, which makes it far more effective than halogen alternatives.

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