Rosco launches promotion to ‘Share The Work’

Rosco have launched a promotion allowing people to submit a photo of a production in which a E-Colour, Roscolux or Supergel colour was used to achieve a specific purpose or goal. As well as this, entrants have to explain, in a couple of sentences, why you chose the Rosco colour you used and what you or the director or the design team wanted to convey with the colour choice. If you need more than one picture to tell the story, you can send up to five. You’ll also have to fill out an online form giving permission to share your work along with providing some of the detail of the production as well as all the credits.

In return, Rosco will send you a coffee mug, artfully coloured in a Roscolux colour, complete with the SED curve.

Everyone who submits at least one stage picture and the required text will get a Rosco mug, and Any kind of production is eligible: play, opera, dance, concert, etc. The text describing the picture needs to be at least three or four sentences and needs to include the Rosco colour number.

Submissions are limited to one entry per person.  You can submit your photo(s) through the online submission form at


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