Rockwell creates breathtaking chandelier in Las Vegas

The Rockwell Group has completed the most spectacular hotel in Las Vegas called Cosmopolitan. Rockwell has worked on every element of the hotel from the spectacular West Lobby and the jaw dropping Chandelier Bar through to the bedrooms and suites and collection of other bars and hospitality spaces.

One striking feature of the hotel is the 10,000 sq ft Chandelier Bar. Designed as a fantastical inhabited chandelier and spanning three levels, within the hotels atrium, the space has two bars on the first floor, three bars on the second and two more on the third. The second level is the more exclusive and it is from where you really feel like you are within the chandelier structure itself.

The curtain is made of two layers of string that create a semi-transparent skin for the feature bar, together with one layer of crystal beads. Rockwell Group has used 22 projectors to create an interior and exterior projection environment on the surface of the three-story multi-layered, undulating string and crystal curtain covering the entire feature bar. The projections onto both layers of strings create separate experiences for viewers walking by and for the guests inside of the chandelier.


The Rockwell Group LAB designed the digital installations so that they appear to float on the surfaces of the skin and so the entire chandelier appears to be alive. The crystal curtain uses over 5,000,000 individual crystals and is a mix of customized facets and sizes.  Each bar is located around a central column that pervades the core of the three level space, while an ascending glass spiral staircase wraps around the bars, further emphasizing the core of this wild, otherworldly space. Rockwell Group also installed 10 custom crystal chandeliers throughout the space, so that the whole feature bar sparkles.


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