Recolight: How to dispose of lamps correctly

In this age of environmental awareness and with many people trying to be ‘green’, it is perhaps surprising that 40% of people would put used low-energy light bulbs in their normal household rubbish. The change from incandescent bulbs to LEDs has improved the environmental impact of lamps but recycling is still necessary as LEDs are WEEE.

The recycling of LEDs is still in its infancy, not least because the quantity of waste LED lamps arising is currently very low – less than 0.1% of all waste lamps are LEDs. In a pragmatic move, the Environment Agency has allowed the co-collection of LED lamps and fluorescent lamps in the same containers. This helps ensure that LED lamps can still be collected, even though the numbers remain low.

Recolight is doing all it can to ensure that lamp recycling is made as accessible as possible, following the findings that 81% of people say they would always recycle old low-energy light bulbs if it was easy to do so. With over 3,200 collection points across the UK, Recolight is able to provide access to simple waste lamp disposal for many consumers, small contractors and large businesses. This offering has helped towards the growth in lamp recycling rates from 2012 to 2013, up from 39.5% to 52.8%.

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