Recolight collects lighting industry views regarding possible change to the WEEE regulations

In 2019 the WEEE Regulations will reduce the number of categories from 14 down to 6. The Government is considering how to implement this change, which could have particular impact on luminaire Producers. Recolight is inviting luminaire Producers to contribute their views. Consolidated responses will be sent to the Government.

The change will affect most UK luminaire Producers. Currently, all luminaires are reported in one category. However, from 2019, the size of the luminaire will need to be taken in to consideration when applying the new categories:

•         Luminaires with an external dimension greater than 50cm would be reported as new category 4 (large equipment)
•         Luminaires with no external dimension greater than 50cm would be reported as new category 5 (small equipment)

Commenting on the announcement, Recolight’s CEO Nigel Harvey said: “We will work hard to obtain the best outcome for the lighting industry, but to do that, we need to hear as many views as possible. We particularly need to understand if companies can easily allocate all of their luminaires within the new small (<50cm) and large (>50cm) categories. Although the change will not take effect until 2019, now is the time to make our views known, if legislative change is needed.”

He added, “It is important to note that the change is not just to data reporting. It is quite possible that the costs associated with the two categories will be different so collecting the views of lighting Producers really matters.

All LED and gas discharge lamps are reported in their own category, so lamps are not impacted by the change.

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