Rambus and GE bring LED lighting out of the dark ages.

Well known for their groundbreaking strides in high-speed memory, Rambus has now turned their considerable talents to the LED market with the unveiling of their Pentelic lighting solutions. Rambus, who launched their Lighting and Display Technology business in 2009 utilise a technology-licensing platform to bring their innovations to licensees.

Using this licensing platform, GE Lighting, a unit of the General Electric Company’s Appliances & Lighting, signed a broad licensing agreement for the use of Rambus’ patented lighting innovations. This agreement included product reference designs and the manufacturing process of Rambus’ Pentelic™ lighting solutions, which allows lighting designers to harness all the advantages of LEDs. Solutions also include design support for complete lighting fixtures tailored to the specific application requirements of licensees.  With Pentelic solutions, licensees can create the highest efficiency edge-lit LED light fixtures using Rambus technology that provides precise ray angle control and unparalleled freedom of design.

Because Pentelic solutions address optical design, thermal management and power delivery, licensees can achieve rapid time to market and unprecedented price-performance characteristics in their lighting products.

“By providing 92 to 95% optical efficiency, Pentelic solutions allow our licensees to produce the most advanced and cost-effective LED light fixtures,” said Jeff Parker, president of the Lighting and Display Technology business at Rambus.  “In addition, Pentelic solutions provide precise ray angle control so that fixtures put light exactly where it is desired, maximizing lighting application efficiency.”

Pentelic solutions are available for licensing and are based on key Rambus innovations including:

  • MicroLens® optics – light distribution features that provide customizable control of uniformity and output ray angle distribution for superior application efficiency;
  • TruEdge™ technology – LED-to-light guide coupling technology which delivers 93%-96% of total LED output to the light guide;
  • SolidCore™ reflectors – compact reflectors capable of producing tightly controlled, efficient and high-intensity beams ideal for spotlights;
  • VirtuOptic™ reflectors – optics that produce a highly collimated, highly efficient light output while delivering precise ray angle control

Check out the video clip of GE demonstrating the capabilities of Pentelic solutions in a range of example lighting fixtures including hanging pendants at their booth at Light Fare.

Youtube Clip: LED edge lighting

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